Attending GOTO as a Business intelligence developer

Back in my .NET developer days, like 100 years or so ago, I went to my first GOTO conference(Or JAOO as it was called back then). Back then, I loved .NET and anything that related to it, but that wasn’t the reason I went to GOTO.

If I wanted to know more about the changes from 1.0 to 1.1, it was proberly a MS conference I should have went to.

The reason for attending to GOTO, was to get inspired. Get inspired by all the different tracks, learning about what was going on with all the other languages and trends.

So, fast forward approx. a 100 year and a technology lane shift to a BI developer. Why should I go now??? Well, the same reason. If I want to know more about how the new indexes works in MS SQL server, or for instance the new in memory technologies from MS, other conferences offer that.

But my world changes fast, and a lot of new technologies are emerging, and even as a BI developer, GOTO still offers a lot of inspiration. All the next big things in my line of work, like Big data, the internet of things, no sql, open data, and a lot of other things, all has a track at GOTO.

BTW, If I haven’t mentioned it, I’m attending GOTO this year, and if you are like me, I guess I’ll see you there 🙂

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